welcome to AYAI

your life is about to get

so much prettier

ARE YOU AM I is an uncompromised, California-flavored take on the perfect wardrobe. 

Every fabric, every stitch, every finish is carefully selected to make each AYAI piece as special as is sane. 

designed by rumi

We take a no holds barred approach to design - each piece is the end all and be all of that style.  That last 5% that we obsess over makes AYAI a 100% better experience.

made in los angeles

AYAI clothes feel as good as they look. These are the materials that we want touching our bodies. We're confident you'll feel the same.

for girls that get it

We're what you've been looking for. The statement that's just enough. AYAI makes it easy to get ready in 5 seconds.

addictive quality

Easy to wear.  Easy to style.  Easy to combine.  AYAI is perfect for any occasion and every casual moment in between.